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Blankware: When ordering Blankware, must order in case quantities. Minimum Order $100.00. Camelbak™ bottles not available blank.

Cancellations: All charges incurred before cancellation will be billed.

Colors: All standard ceramic colors are available and are fired on at temperatures of 1100 to 1200 degrees F, permanently fusing the color. Gold and Platinum are available on most items. BECAUSE GOLD AND PLATINUM ARE NOT CERAMIC COLORS, THEY ARE NOT DISHWASHER SAFE AND COULD WEAR OFF WITH PROLONGED USE. PRECIOUS METAL DECORATIONS TEND TO SCRATCH AND TARNISH AND ARE NOT RECOMMENDED IF IMPRINT PERMANENCE IS DESIRED. Additional charges for precious metals must be added to the total multiple color price. For example: A gold imprint would be a one color imprint, plus the additional price for gold or platinum. Precious metal imprints on items shipped bulk include protective poly-bags with care instructions.
NOTE: We are limited to the amount and type of ink coverage applied to the upper 3/4” of the decorating areas. The factory will notify you if desired designs are affected.

Special Colors: We can usually match specific colors. Because of the nature of ceramic paints, we cannot guarantee exact matches, especially in pinks, rubine red, rhodamine red, purples and any colors on dark colored mugs. Requests for colors other than standard must be clearly marked “MATCH SWATCH ENCLOSED” and be accompanied by the swatch. There will be a $25.00(G) charge for each color to be matched on orders of less than 576 pieces. There will be no charge for matching colors on orders of 576 pieces or more. For a CHANGE OF INK COLOR on an order, there will be a $22.50(G) charge.

Complaints: Complaints must be made within 30 days after receipt of shipment, 15 days for breakage with no exceptions. Artwork or copy changes on redo's will not be accepted.

Co-op Programs: Co-op pricing issued upon request. Must furnish anticipated yearly usage. Will receive written factory approval. Will be reviewed in six months and pricing may be adjusted accordingly to reflect usage. It is necessary for you to send us a Co-Op catalog, brochure, mailings, web-site address, etc. for our files.

Country of Origin: If it is important that your order be filled using products manufactured in the United States, YOU MUST SPECIFY ON YOUR ORDER. Many of our items are USA made.

Enclosure Cards: Enclosure cards supplied by the customer can be inserted at no additional cost. Order must show that enclosure cards are to be used. Order cannot go into production until enclosure cards are received.

Higher Quantity Pricing: Contact Color Craft for quotation. Higher quantity orders are a Color Craft specialty!

Less Than Minimum: $40.00(G) per color. ABSOLUTE MINIMUM IS 72 PIECES except where otherwise noted.

Labels: custom supplied labels applied at an additional $.15(G)

Logos: Products and logos shown in this catalog appear only to illustrate the basic products and ability to include messages and art on them, but are never intended to suggest that the imprints were designed by this company or that the products with those specific imprints are readily available to any purchaser without the permission of the owners of the trademarked or copyrighted art or copy.

Gold: $1.85(G) per side. Includes protective poly-bagging for bulk packed orders. Per piece per side up to 3 square inches of gold.

Multiple Item Orders: When an order is placed for multiple items at one time and all items require the exact same imprint, full artwork and set-up charges apply for first item and a conversion charge of $30.00(G), in lieu of set-up charges, will apply for each item thereafter.

Order Acknowledgements: All orders will be acknowledged following receipt of order. The distributor is responsible to promptly examine the acknowledgement for order/pricing accuracy.

Overage or Underage: Limited to 5% on all items listed in this catalog. Every attempt will be made to minimize these amounts. Invoicing will be revised to reflect applicable overage/underage.

Overseas Direct Sourcing: Color Craft specializes in high volume China Direct decorating and sourcing; contact factory for details.

Pre-production Samples: Screened items & Line Art Decals - no sample charge on quantities of 576 or more. Set-Up charge applies. Less than 576, $35.00(G) plus set-up charges. Charges differ for Organic Process and Sublimation.

Production Time: Allow 7-10 working days after artwork approval for shipping on all items. Decals and Organic Four Color Process require additional production time; contact factory. We will notify you if we are unable to meet your date. ALL CREDIT AND ART ISSUES MUST BE RESOLVED BEFORE ORDER CAN BE PLACED INTO PRODUCTION.

Promotional Literature: Special promotional brochures and flyers in large quantities are available - contact factory for cost.


Proposition 65:*NOTICE: If this product is to be sold or distributed in California, a warning under California law, referred to as proposition 65, may be required. Please check with your customer’s and your legal counsel concerning warning requirements and methods. A warning sticker may be applied if any portion of the order is to be shipped to California.


Quality of Glass and Ceramics: There are almost always slight differences in diameter, height and other dimensions in glassware and ceramics. Listed ounces and weights will vary.

Quality Assurance: The Color Craft reputation as a supplier of quality products and service is backed by a commitment to correct design deficiencies should they occur. That liability is limited to the Color Craft invoice value prorated as a percentage of the deficiency. Glassware and ceramics are known to have tiny imperfections and variations in the manufacturing and glazing. ITEM SIZES, OUNCE CAPACITIES AND MUG COLORS LISTED IN THIS CATALOG ARE APPROXIMATE AND MAY VARY SLIGHTLY.

Registration: Registration of multiple color imprints may vary by up to 1/16”.

Repeat Orders: Set-up charge of $12.50(G) per color if the exact same design is used on the same item. No repeat set-up charges for co-ops. While every effort will be made to honor special imprint color requests, our manufacturing process does not lend itself to exact color matches. Also, difference in firing temperatures, atmospheric conditions and length of firing periods affect color variances. As a result, repeat orders requiring a color match must include a sample from the previous order.

Restaurant Use: Ceramic & Porcelain products are not deemed acceptable for restaurant use with repeated commercial dishwashing. 


Safety of Imprint And Products: Color Craft is a leading industry decorator and an active member of the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators. We adhere to FDA guidelines limiting decoration within 2 cm (3/4 inch) of the lip and rim area of the drinkware. Imported ceramics are tested by our suppliers and approved for food use and can be used with complete confidence.

Speculative Samples: Speculative samples are available at $35.00(G) per color plus set-up charge for the item requested. The speculative sample charge will be credited in full if an order of 576 pieces or more results.

Special Instructions: Instructions should be clearly marked on the face of the order.

Special Quotations: We will be glad to submit special quotations promptly for quantities above those listed on price schedules, special packaging or items other than those listed in the catalog. 144 minimum for items not listed in catalog.

Stock Gift Items: All stock gift items can be combined and purchased at the total quantity price.

Trademarks: Any material or other copy submitted by you or your customer for use by Color Craft in producing an order will be accepted by Color Craft as being submitted in full compliance with all laws regarding copyright, trademark, service mark, patent, right of privacy or a similar type of protection. You and your customer agree that by submitting such material or copy for our use in producing an order, these laws will not be violated and Color Craft disclaims all liability for compliance with these laws. You and your customer agree to hold Color Craft harmless for any damages, costs and/or expenses arising under these laws as a consequence of our use of said material or other copy.

Union Bug: Available upon request. Must imprint in the design area.

(Must be at least 3/8")

Drop Shipments or Split Shipments: There is a $10.00(G) charge for each additional address beyond the first one.

Foreign Shipments: Including APO addresses. Charges may apply.

Freight Claims: Color Craft is not responsible for delays or breakage en route. Every carton leaving our plant is inspected and has a clear bill of lading signed by the transportation company. All merchandise should be inspected by the consignee upon arrival, max. 15 days. Title to the goods passes to the consignee at the F.O.B. point.

Freight Rates: Quoted freight costs are ESTIMATES only, based on circumstances at the time of request. Final invoiced costs are determined by carrier’s rates, to include fluctuating fuel surcharges, and any changes that are made.

Freight/shipments: Shipments will be made F.O.B. Southwestern Ohio unless otherwise specified. We will always try to allow ample time for transportation. Unless specific routing is stated, we will ship via routing as we deem best. NO C.O.D. SHIPMENT ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Individual Mailing: $1.75(G) per item, for shipments to any of the 50 states (and $3.00(G) per item, for export shipments) plus actual postage. CUSTOMER MUST SUPPLY TYPED LABELS WITH ZIP CODE AND A DUPLICATE LIST BEFORE ORDER CAN GO INTO PRODUCTION.

Inside Delivery: Deliveries beyond the buyers loading dock are subject to additional charges and will only be done at the customer’s risk. Inside delivery will incur additional delivery charges.

Shipping Cartons and Mailers: Standard packaging and shipping weights for all items are listed on item page. Mailing cartons or mailers are suitable for mailing and have been thoroughly tested for durability.

Speed Service: 1 color imprint shipped in 3 business days to include art preparation. 2 color imprint shipped in 4 business days to include art preparation. Add 15% rush charge to item, minimum of $25.00 per order. 1 day service available on select items. Add 30% rush charge to item, minimum of $50.00 per order. Certain restrictions may apply. STOCK INK COLORS ONLY

Third Party Shipping:If you elect to use your own shipping account, you will be responsible for working with the freight company. We are not responsible for damages and shipments not arriving on time. A third party/collect handling charge of $12.50(G) will be invoiced for each address. 


UPS, Fed Ex and Parcel Post Shipments: Most items ship by dimensional weights, check with factory.
Due to the extra packaging for consolidation and protection of product that we must provide, all shipments will be charged a $6.60(G) per master carton handling charge. These shipments may be packed 24 or 36 per carton depending on size of item.



Color Craft Accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard And Discover Card.
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice.