Laser Engraving, ColorBurst, Decorating Techniques

  • Laser Engraving is available on many of our Stainless products.
  • Running Charge ONE Location: Priced By Quantity. See Below.
  • Second Location: Priced By Quantity. Call for Details. See Below.
  • Personalization Per Name: $8.75(G)
  • Shipping Time Varies By Product & Quantity
  • Search laser engraving in search bar for applicable products


Laser engracing/Etching per Location $10.93 $10.00 $9.69 $9.38 G
SetUp Charge $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 $100.00 G

    • Digital full color, full coverage printing
    • 1 Side $3.75 (C)
    • 2 Sides/Wrap $4.00 (C)
    • SetUp $100.00 (G), Exact Reorder $50.00 (G)
    • Spec Sample $40.00 (G) Plus SetUp
    • Available on many of our products. Call for specific products
    • Search colorburst in search bar for applicable products




      Disappearing ink can be utilized for many different markets and design elements. There are endless ideas and creative ways to apply disappearing ink to your design. Use it for real estate business, auto repair, dental or orthodontic, optometrist, chiropractic, firefighters, police, turn night into day, mergers, acquisitions, company name changes, simply hide a message to be seen when hot liquid is added, make wording disappear, and so much more. If you have a design and want to use disappearing ink, but need a little advice, let us know! We would be happy to offer a few great ideas.
      This process can be applied to various mugs throughout the Color Craft line. Add extra impact to your message by creating an interesting change that occurs when the item is filled with a hot liquid.
      Wrap around imprints are subject to factory acceptance and special quotation.
      Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Disappearing inks are not recommended for repeated cycles in a dishwasher.

      Call for availability.


      144 288 576 1008 2016
      BLACK INK (One Side) 1.85 1.75 1.65 1.55 1.49 
      BLACK INK (Two Sides) 2.15 2.10 1.95  1.85  1.79 



    • Color on Color
      This unique process is available on all mugs except the marble series. When inks are applied, they change the appearance of the mug's surface from glossy to matte. This is a very subtle look that is particularly effective when combined with other ceramic, metallic or simulated colors.
      This reasonably priced decorating technique is simply priced as you would any standard imprint color.
      Example: An item only with "Color on Color" is priced as a one color imprint. An item with "Color on Color" plus an additional color is priced as a two color imprint.
    • Write On Surface
    • A Write-On Surface of any shape can be applied in white, beige, yellow and blue-grey and will be fired as permanent panels. The writing on the “Write-On Surface” will last a few dish washings when a felt tip marker is used and even more washings when an indelible marker is used.
      Simply specify “Write-On Surface” in the color of your choice and add an extra color charge for the item selected. No additional charge if Write On area and imprint are the same color.


    • Satin Etch
    • Satin Etch has the same look, same feel, and same rich beauty as single depth sand blasted glassware at a more affordable price. Fine details reproduce well in Satin Etch.

      • It is substantially less expensive than actual etched glass.
      • The decoration can be applied to the entire decorating area of the item.
      • The ability to reproduce fine detail as well as solid areas.

      SATIN ETCH IS PRICED AS A USUAL ONE COLOR IMPRINT. (Normal art and screen charges apply)



    • Organic ink Blend
      • Organic inks blend to create unique imprints that vary slightly with each mug
      • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
      • Excellent for background accents.
      • Each imprint is unique and varies slightly:
      Ceramic blending is priced as a one color imprint plus a blending charge as follows.
      144 - 575 pieces ......... $.45(C)
      576 or more pieces ...... $.36(C)


    • Spot Color
    • Spot Color allows us to achieve the highest quality registration of muliple colors. Utilize the best registration priting process and see the difference it makes on your multi-color art!
      • 144 piece minimum.
      Available on most Color Craft items.

      Contact factory for complete pricing information.

      Submit Artwork for Quotation.